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Ethical Hacking Course Online

Ethical Hacking course online is the procedure of finding security vulnerabilities and exploiting vulnerabilities in system, network, application or computer resources that malicious attacker could potentially exploit. This procedure takes place on behalf of its owner. A person who performs this procedure called Ethical Hacker (also known as White Hat Hacker). Learning Ethical Hacking Online is part of Cyber Security and contains many techniques like Network Scanning, Traffic Analysing, Traffic Sniffing, Bypassing Access Controls, Bypassing Firewalls, etc. Ethical Hacker reports all vulnerabilities, weakness, and mitigation if possible to Management or Developers for the patch before any attackers could exploit.

Ethical Hacking Course Online India

Since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations around the world have exponentially picked up the pace in their digital transformation journey. Enterprises around the world are offering remote services, virtual interactive experiences and increased touchpoints for audiences.

More digital experiences mean more data. In today’s digital-forward world, data is one of the most valuable assets for any organisation. As the amount of data collected every day increases, there are a growing number of cyber attacks, with malicious third-party hackers trying to steal data from organisations. With evolution and advancements in technology, the number of attacks is only going to increase.

More enterprises are realising the value and benefit of the CEH certification for a career in learning ethical hacking online. The Certified Ethical Hacker credential tests an applicant’s skills based on procedures and techniques used by network security professionals within enterprises. This certification also provides you with hands-on work experience and gives a working knowledge of the various responses to malicious cyber threats.

At Indian Cyber Security Solutions, Ethical Hacking Course online is a globally recognised certification and among the most comprehensive ones in existence. If you’re looking to give your career a boost or a new direction, or if you want to advance your cyber security career, the CEH certification is one of the best options out there. You can easily get a high-paying job and a leading position in the IT sector with this certification.

Many network and information security positions demand CEH as a prerequisite for landing a job. But what makes this credential so valuable?

The Need for CEH:

As technology evolves and new technology enters the market, the risk of cyber crime is also on the rise. Malicious hackers are regularly updating their skills to keep up with the advancements in network security. Therefore, organisations need ethical hackers who can come up with strategies to ward off these growing security threats before they strike. Data Science is a fundamental part of every enterprise and business across the world today. Therefore, a strong system for information and data asset protection is a must. Every organisation today, regardless of threat, recognises the threat that cyber attacks pose. They consistently learn and update their security systems to keep their data safe. With the increased demand for ethical hackers, job opportunities for information security professionals have shot up. As data continues to scale in application and quantity, the network and information security industry will continue to grow in the years to come.

Every certification training program is designed for a specific target audience. This is also true for CEH. Anyone interested in ethical hacking as a career can pursue this certification, especially if you played the following roles:
● Information Security (InfoSec) Administrator/ Analyst
● InfoSec Officer
● InfoSec Specialist/ Manager
● InfoSec Security Engineer
● InfoSec Professional
● Information Technology (IT) Auditor
● Risk analyst/ Threat analyst/ Vulnerability analyst
● System administrator
● Network administrator
● Network engineer

After completing your certification, there are several job roles you can apply for. This includes:
● Cyber security auditor
● Information technology security administrator
● Information assurance security auditor (mid-level)
● Systems security administrator
● Cyber defence/ vulnerability assessment analyst
● Warning analyst
● InfoSec analyst
● InfoSec Security analyst
● Cyber security analyst
● Network security engineer
● Ethical hacker (manual)
● SOC Analyst
● Network Engineering
● Security Consultant (senior)
● InfoSec Manager
● Penetration Tester (junior)
● Solutions Architect
● Cyber security consultant
● Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Auditor
● Security compliance analyst

Benefits of a Career in Ethical Hacking:

● Thinking like a hacker
To win over an opponent, you must learn to think like your opponent. An ethical hacker certification will help you understand the thought process of a hacker and also help you mimic and counter their actions. You learn to thwart malicious third-party attacks much faster than a layman or uncertified professional.

● Advanced InfoSec career pathway
Once you are clear about the basics of network security, you are ready to apply for the CEH exam. This certification will help you to significantly expand your career option and grow your knowledge base and skill set.

● A higher payscale
As stated before, CEH as a training and certification program is recognised globally throughout the IT industry. Once you earn this credential you can open up new avenues with job opportunities that pay much more than before. You will also be eligible to apply for jobs in other countries.

● More knowledge about network and information threats, vulnerabilities and risks
As technology gets more advanced, threats do too. Cyber criminals keep updating their hacking skills to stay ahead of changing technology. As soon as a new technology is released, they quickly teach themselves to recognise weak points and vulnerabilities. To find these vulnerabilities and identify threats beforehand, you are also required to keep learning and updating your skills.

● It’s useful for other roles as well
A CEH certification is an important credential for penetration testers, but it is beneficial for other professionals as well. Network professionals and IT security experts can benefit greatly from getting a CEH certification.

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