Central Consumer Protection Authority : CCPA – Part 1 | Adv Mithil Sampat | Lawctopus Law School

The new Consumer Protection Act of 2019 has introduced lots of changes to the practice of consumer law. From moving to a “caveat venditor” principle to including e-commerce transactions and online complaints, these amendments will change the practice of consumer law.

In this series, we host Advocate Mithil Sampat who gives us a brief overview of the procedure followed for consumer cases, the major amendments brought by the 2019 Act, and how it’ll impact consumers and corporations.

About the Speaker

Advocate Mithil Sampat specializes in the fields of consumer law, real estate law, and co-operative society law. He has also co-authored books on these subjects. He has appeared and argued matters at various platforms including the Supreme Court of India, Mumbai High Court, Mumbai trial courts, all levels of consumer courts, RERA, co-operative courts, etc.

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