Cyber Security for beginners || Introduction to Cybersecurity

In this course you will learn about cyber security, specifically on the definition of #cybersecurity, technology behind cyber security and #cyber #threats. This course will serve as an #fundamental foundation for cyber security enthusiasts.

*** Topics of this course ***
0:00 Cybersecurity definition
9:26 Technology behind cyber security
14:16 Cyber threats

** Credit to Author **
Produced by: How to engage in cyber policy
Script Editors: Aditi Gupta, Jonathan Jacobs, Cathleen Berger, Lea Kaspar
Director/Producer: Meghna Gupta
Animation and Design: Gat Powell
Contributors: Nicolas Castellon, Mallory Knodel, Alex Cominos, Aditi Gupta, Jonathan Jacobs, Cathleen Berger
Project Coordination: Daniela Schnidrig
Voiceover Artist: Brigid Lohrey

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