Why America Needs To Lead On Cyber-Security | Cy-pher

June 23, 2016 (Cy-Pher) With such a massively complex issue as cyber security, the question becomes who is in charge of ensuring law firms are all on the same page? While government seems to be unable to put together a cohesive plan, can the competitive market regulate itself? Senator Saxby Chambliss, partner at DLA Piper, emphasizes this is in an international issue and believes that the United States has an obligation to lead in cybersecurity. John Evangelakos, partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, discusses the need for law firms to collaborate in this area in order to formulate a baseline standard for security. Moreover, the retention of data by law firms and their clients must be re-assessed. Roger Meltzer, Global Co-Chairman of DLA Piper, stresses that law firms must stay two steps ahead as clients increasingly expect them to have a better idea of what the risks are in their business than they do. Aurora Cassirer, partner at Troutman Sanders, says that “this is an existential problem, and unless our systems are trustworthy” clients will go elsewhere, so law firms must take steps to ensure client safety.

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