Episode 7 season 4

Finally, the threshing out of Data Privacy Act retroactive and in two jurisdictions. By the time that the Data Privacy Act of 2012 is invoked against me here in the Philippines, the progress of the Data Privacy from the time that my daughters and I were active members of the Lucena Bible Church (LBC), it had become an acknowledged fact. In the order of priority as in the date of occurence, the photos are time stamped so they’re solid proofs. That together with the head of the Music Ministry and choir head my friend Bryan Lopez, I, too had been receiving cash income out of our time and talent service to the ministry. The money originated from the U.S. What have I learned about this matter? That as a public figure of some sort, it did not originate here in the Philippines for me.
1. That personal privacy will give way to SOME EXCEPTIONS of NATIONAL SECURITY and NATIONAL CONCERNS.
2. That there’s specific law that can do this, like if U.S. Patriot Act is invoked. And that with some other name, usually there’s counterpart of the border control and matters of national interest law in any country.
3. That the moment the red alert is removed, the Treasury matter should then be threshed out.


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