Personal data breaches: Assessing the risk

Since the introduction of GDPR, just over a year ago, we’ve seen a substantial rise in both the volume of personal data breaches (PDB) received and the frequency and breadth of advice requested by controllers.

A number of organisations have been in contact with the ICO to discuss how they are performing in terms of applying the threshold to report personal data breaches appropriately and in assessing risk. Our findings suggest some organisations are reporting breaches, which do not reach the threshold to report, and others are not reporting any at all, which may or may not be a true reflection of the actual situation.

To get the most out of this personal data breach webinar and to be in the best position to answer the questions we posed we recommend reading through the short scenario linked below.

Please note the webinar was originally presented to organisations that have a Data Protection Officer in place. Where these are referred to please see this as reference to “the person/people in the organisation responsible for dealing with personal data breaches.



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