Brazil-Canada Talks: Data Protection in Brazil – Main Aspects and Latest Developments

Brazil’s Data Protection Law (LGPD) took a significant step forward last week when the Brazilian Senate rejected the Chamber of Deputies’ proposal to postpone the LGPD’s effective day until December and proposed the give the core provisions of the LGPD immediate effect, subject to the president’s approval.

As soon as the LGPD takes effect, organizations that violate certain provisions of the LGPD may be subject to private lawsuits and public prosecutor enforcement actions brought under other Brazilian statutes.

The online event, presented by the BCCC in partnership with FCR Law, focused on the main aspects of the LGPD (the new Brazilian data protection regulation), presenting the fundamentals of the legislation, as well as potential further regulations to be issued. In addition, the timeframe of the full enforceability of the new legislation will be detailed, along with initial plans for the Agency for Personal Data Protection (ANPD).


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