The CAIS/RNP Experience in Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) Compliance

Speakers: Cleberson Silva (CAIS – RNP, BR), Nicole Rieckmann (CAIS – RNP, BR)

Data protection has always been a necessary part of information security and its protagonism is increasing over the last years, mainly after GDPR approval. In Brazil, the LGPD Act was sanctioned, Brazilian general data protection law, which a series of regulations are foreseen to ensure privacy of users and also give them power about their own personal data and all organizations should comply. In this way, a set of actions are necessary to establish the privacy and data protection. When it comes to research, education and innovation organizations, there is a decentralized administration and different types of data. This environment leads to major challenge to carry out the correct processing of personal data. This challenge at RNP can be addressed through combined actions in four main directions: i. methodological support for the organizations, co-creation and sharing knowledge, artefacts and experience to the organizations; ii. consulting services, providing support to the organizations in both law and information security aspects to comply to the law; iii. RNP compliance to LGPD, mapping the personal data and their relationship with systems, processes and internal and external stakeholders; iv. Privacy and data protection training, providing awareness, practice and professional certification.

About the Speakers
Cleberson has over 8 years of experience in Information Security, in CAIS/RNP is focused in data protection and security projects.

Nicole Rieckmann is a Cyber Security Analyst at the Security Incidents Response Center (CAIS) for the Brazilian Academic and Research Network (RNP) since 2019, where she works with Security Analysis and Operations, Vulnerability and Incident Handling, in addition to organizing and participating in Information Security awareness and training events. Graduated in Computer Engineering at UFRN, post graduated in Information Technology Management at UnP. She worked at PoP-RN and at UFRN’s Computer Science Superintendence in the areas of infrastructure, connectivity and administration of network assets and services.


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