Biznews Noontime Thursday webinar: A case of POPI with Okyerebea Ampofo-Anti and Emma Sadleir

In this week’s Biznews Noontime Thursday webinar we get two of the country’s experts on the far reaching Protection of Personal Information Act to unpack it for us – this has huge implications in a country where companies often play fast and loose with the private information of citizens. But just like the GDPR transformed so much about business in Europe, South Africa’s POPI is about to do here when it becomes law at the beginning of next month (1 July). Our guests were:
* Okyerebea Ampofo-Anti: POPI expert and specialist in data protection, media and emerging technologies law, she is the owner of Ampofo-Anti Consulting. a sessional media law lecturer at Wits, she was a partner at Webber Wentzel for 12 years, served as a law clerk to former Chief Justice Pius Langa at the SA Constitutional Court; and clerked for Judge Erkki Kourala at the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands.
* Emma Sadleir: South Africa’s leading expert on social media law and owner of The Digital Law Company. Also formerly with Webber Wentzel, she has an LLM from the London School of Economics and is the author of two books published by Penguin Random House.


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