TPN POPI-Portal Training – Module 8 of 10: Legal

Presenter: Peter Mennen – Head Of Legal, TPN Credit Bureau
Facilitator: Michelle Dickens – CEO, TPN Credit Bureau

Have you considered the amount of personal information contained in the legal function in your property business? Every agreement, regulatory process and collection procedure within your business contains personal information. The property sector has the added risk of managing debtors, including tenants, on behalf of third parties, who entrust you with the safe guarding thereof. Do you know how POPI will impact how your Legal Function is required to operate to ensure POPI compliance?

In the second to last module Peter Mennen unpacks the Legal Function and how its complexity can be easily managed on the TPN POPI-Portal.

Learning Outcomes

1. Setting up the Legal Function
2. Setup of a comprehensive personalised action plan setting in place policies & procedures
3. Correctly completing your Personal Information Impact Assessment
4. In-depth training on the Legal Function
5. Employee training and skill development
6. Internal and external regulatory frameworks
7. Debtor management and collection processes


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